Kreitler-Meaning-System v3.0

Feel free to call/text me whenever. Won't pick up if busy. Will not be available from 12:00 until 18:00. Would appreciate you trying, to do whatever it is you are trying to do, a few more times before calling. Please don't leave messages on the answering machine.

EVERY DAY - server will be down for maintenance sometime from 06:00 until 06:05

This website is still under development. During this time the developer WILL use the NON-PERSONAL data such as [Studies, Questionnaires, Meaning-Units] to further develop this site. All data EXCEPT passwords is accessible for the developer.

When filling out the 'Questionnaire Details', make sure to fill 'External ID'. In this field you write a short sequence of numbers AND/OR latin letter that represents the interviewed subject - so later you'll know exactly who this questionnaire refers to.


Some updates to 'Questionnaire' form and bug fixes.

Major update:
  • Pictures can be uploaded in any of the popular formats
  • Ttutorial is finished (most of it, the main things are finished)
  • Guide from the old site were uploaded to tutorial page
  • Templates with freetext only are possible
  • MANY bugs fixed

Development of a proper tutorial has begun. Hopefully it will be finished by the end of this week.

Interface update: Studies-List page and Study-Details page.

Major changes to the questionnaire meaning-units form.

First day of alpha version. Absolutely nothing works. Good luck!

Known bugs (partial list):

  • Picture upload works ONLY with JPG files - use online converters
  • Tutorial not ready
  • 'Last questionnaire I worked on' returns wrong questionnaire? It returned the last one of your questionnaires the admins checked.
  • Questionnaire form doesn't enforce default/min/max values set at Study creation/update
  • All languages except English and Hebrew lack some translations.
  • Can't create template with free-text only